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Thursday, 08 November 2007
 The town of Sozopol (population: 4 987) is situated 31 km south-east of Bourgas, and 421 km south-east of Sofia. The town lies on a small rocky peninsula in the farthest southern part of the Bourgas Bay. A one hundred-metre long strip of land connects it to the mainland. After 1925 the town started to grow in the direction of Harmanite Area and today it occupies considerably larger territory on the mainland
To the north is the well-known resort at the village of Chernomorets, which borders the Gradina camping site. To the north there are marvelous rock juts, to the south - a river and canes of human size. There is an old church, a camping site called Chernomorets, rest homes and a lot of private lodgings.

To the south of Sozopol there are a number of fjords-like formations. The coast here is particularly high and cut in by the incoming waves. There are numerous secluded coves.

Mt. Bakurluka (376 m high) is above the town, and some 20 km to the south is the mouth of the Ropotamo River.  There is a biosphere reserve, camping sites, very near is the famous Zmiiski Island (of the Snakes).