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Thursday, 08 November 2007
 The Dyuni Resort is situated some 12 km north of Primorsko and was completed in 1987 as a Bulgarian-Austrian project. It offers lots of hotels, villas and bungalows.

The Alepou Beach and Arkoutino Beach are visited by the tourists. They are wild and very beautiful places, which do not offer luxurious conditions for tourism and recreation. Cape Maslen is situated after the mouth of Roporamo River, in its last 20 kilometres after the biosphere reserve. Its rocky profile and high precipice down to the sea offer a great view to the tourists who have climbed it and beneath them there are small and quiet coves between the fiords covered with pebbles and seashells. Further southwards is the Perla Camping located in one of the most beautiful bays along the Black Sea coast. Here the beach gradually turns into a green grove; nearby is the marsh of Stomoplo. Two biosphere reserves cover this area – Vodna Lilia (Water lily) and Velyov Vir. Via Pontica – the way of the migrating birds flying to the south passes from here. Every year at the end of the summer thousands of storks, pelicans, 33 species of birds of prey gather in the area and after having arranged themselves like a gigantic fan in the air (nobody knows why they follow this order) the birds with grandeur head southwards to spend the winter. The view is imposing and admirers visit this area to enjoy the unique scene.