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Monday, 14 January 2008

The town of Bansko has developed into a modern winter resort in just few years with its ski facilities and hotels offering accommodation at average to high prices. The place is particularly popular among foreign tourists, drawn by the blend of antique Revival-time architecture and up-to-date amenities Bansko is a specific town which suggests individual past and authenticity in culture, ethnography and customs. The atmosphere of mystery and remoteness is created by the meandering cobblestone streets, houses-castles with high gateways and long eaves made of black wig. Small and lively pubs, restaurants, discoclubs, cafes in the old town will make your going-to-bed early virtually impossible.   The sports events and the long list of cultural happenings in Bansko ensure pleasant experiences for the guests of the town throughout the year. The small town of the Bulgarian national revival hosts a number of big sports competitions in both summer and winter. Bansko has an extremely rich catalogue of cultural events. A part of them have preserved the traditions in folklore, customs, woodcarving, painting and are of regional importance.

Come and enjoy our beautiful nature, spend an unforgettable vacation in Bansko. Today, Bansko is certainly one of the jewels in Bulgaria's tourism crown. This charming, historic town is located in the broad Mesta River plain, which is bordered by three mountain groups: the Rila, Rhodopes and Pirin. Bansko provides an interesting combination between the virgin nature of Pirin Mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian small town. It has a very rich and unique culture that you cannot find anywhere else in Bulgaria. Even though the town is relatively small, it has a great spirit that the people have preserved over the centuries   The skiing conditions in Bansko are excellent. The Pirin mountain has a predonantly Alpine charachter with three peaks towering above 2900 m. However the slopes offer runs and tracks for all types of skiers, from novice to the experts, while the ski runs are maintained in excellent condition. A very interesting sight is the HOLY TRINITY church with its 30 m high bell tower and clock, splending murals and woodcarvings. D.Doinov builds it in 1835-1837 with donations by the local people. The inner space creates the impression of a hall. The emporium is two-storey with a fine curved railing the ceiling is raised. The mural paintings and the iconostasis are the works of masters belonging to the artistic school of Bansko.   For most visitors Bansko is just a synonym for having a good time. And it really has a lot to offer: its location and its people. Situated at the foot of the Pirin mountain range on the southern edge of a circular plain that is surrounded on all sides by mountains - Pirin, Rila and the Rhodopes - Bansko offers some spectacular views and is an ideal starting point for all kinds of excursions in summer and for skiing in winter. The Bansko taverns, with unique charm and style offer local Cuisine and good selection of Bulgarian wines. Live music is available at some places. Discos and night clubs work without time limit, and usually close early in the morning.

Visitors to this mountain town have always left it captivated by the spirit of Banskalii (Bansko residents) wishing they could once again return to the heart of Pirin; to one with nature is something everyone craves for in their hurried everyday lives.   Of course there's a lot to see in the town of Banso itself, with around 120 cultural and history monuments will have a lot to explore. Various souvenir shops offer the creations of the local artists and smiths. Bansko has it all: from your dream ski vacation to a walk around the Bulgarian heritage.As the above mentioned facts prove, Bansko is among the most interesting places and best resorts in Bulgaria. So, if you have the opportunity, seize the moment and experience what thousands of foreign tourists brag about after they return to their homes: great value for money, perfect conditions, and rich culture. However you look at it, you will have an enchanting new experience!